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listing members

errr listing the members
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ever thought of listing ideas by the people that posted them? dunno bout anyone else but i wouldnt mind knowing how many members there are?!
sheepman, Oct 15 2002

Lsit of Halfbakers And Their Ideas List_20of_20Half-Ba...and_20Their_20Ideas
[marked-for-deletion] Sorry. Its all been done. [[ sctld ], Oct 15 2002]


       I think a list of lisping members might be more youseful.
blissmiss, Oct 15 2002

       If you know the user name you can use the halfbakery.com/user/[username] path or just click on a user's name in a posting/annotation to view a listing of their ideas.
Is there a way to see a listing of all users? Have I missed it?
half, Oct 15 2002

       You can try muckign around with the views. A list of users was kicking around some time ago...
[ sctld ], Oct 15 2002

       cool, cheers [ sctld]
sheepman, Oct 15 2002

       the list is a list of halfbakers who have posted ideas - not necessarily all users.
po, Oct 15 2002

       Hm. I was sure i saw a list of 'bakers some where... >continues searching<
[ sctld ], Oct 15 2002


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