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Inter-Halfbakery email

contact others through a halfbakery email network
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basically, its an email network which allows members of the site to contact each other. on the side bar thing (not good with computer names) there could be a small button that says 'e-mail'. just write in the username of whom you want to send the message to and the actual message and click send. message notification could be at the top of your screen. the email only works within the site.

threelittleduckswentoutoneday http://www.halfbake...educkswentoutoneday
put your money where your duckbill is [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       what if you dont know everyones email?   

       me two!
bristolz, Dec 21 2002

       Clarification: [UnaBubba],immediately above, is not responding to [BinaryCookies]. He's responding to an anno that I have since deleted.
half, Dec 26 2002

       <pedant>Surely this should read *Intra*-Halfbakery email?</pedant>   

       No harm making the suggestion. I think we've done this before, though. [later: ah, no that was about email addresses @halfbakery.com]
st3f, Dec 27 2002


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