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Less-Frequent Christmas

Reduce holiday stress
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I don't know about the rest of you, and I don't mean to be a Grinch, but it seems to me as though it's *always* the holiday season (except for right now, for some reason). Since Christmas long ago devolved into a secular shopping orgy, it doesn't seem to have much left to recommend it. The rituals associated with the season, e.g. obligatory gift giving, ritual tree murder (farmed though they may be), appear hollow and insignificant rather than uplifting or spiritually nourishing. I expect that people of non-Christian orientation have had about enough as well.

Furthermore, the holiday season is regularly associated with worsening problems for those who suffer from depression, and has been linked to the immoderate consumption of food and alcohol.

I don't think the holiday should eliminated entirely, but instead of observing it annually, I propose Christmas be observed once every five years.

I just don't know how to explain it to the kids…

snarfyguy, Jul 19 2001

The Battle For Christmas http://www.amazon.c...102-9875065-9661722
A great book about the origins of Christmas and how it became such a vulgar display of capitalism. [nathandrea, Jul 19 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Christmas for Christians http://www.halfbake..._20for_20Christians
We had this discussion here before. [Aristotle, Jul 19 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       sort of like a leap-christmas? :o)   

       how about explaining to your kids why christians celebrate christmas, and what the gift-_giving_ (i.e. not receiving) is all about. have them make some sandwhiches to be donated to the local homeless shelter. get them to give up one of their toys to be donated to the toy drive for disadvantaged kids. expose them to other cultures who celebrate at the same time, i.e. hanukkah and ramadan (some years only). and most importantly teach them about them importance of family and getting together during the holidays, whether you believe or not. they'll thank you for all that twenty years from now, just as i thank my parents.
mihali, Jul 19 2001

       How 'bout a rotation system?   

       In [year mod 5 = 0] it's Christmas
In [year mod 5 = 1] it's Hannukah
In [year mod 5 = 2] it's Ramadan
In [year mod 5 = 3] it's Kwanza
In [year mod 5 = 4] it's whatever else happens in December
MrWrong, Jul 19 2001

       This will eliminate all that unpleasant travelling between my divorced parents, and the ever-popular annual Comparison of Parental Gifts.
Heloise, Jul 19 2001

       I agree with your intent, but not the specific solution. Better, WIBNI nobody talked about, printed anything about, advertised for, etc., etc., anything regarding christmas until dec 24, and it all stopped on dec 26. the problem with modern christmas is that it is a season, not a day.   

       my family has, for many years now, just ignored christmas   

       we don't do anything, nothing happens   

       we all just try to avoid the smarmy crappy tv christmas shows
quarterbaker, Jul 19 2001

       I don't know. Just when we've managed to get Yuletide back to its origins in the Saturnalian orgy of feasting and drinking to excess, some party-pooper comes along with po-faced moans about the "true spirit of Christmas". As I understand. the date was nicked from Mithras's birthday, anyway; nobody has a scooby what time of the year Jesus was born. Just like Christians to co-opt our pagan festivals then rain on the parade. Harrumph. Ah well, there's always Hogmanay.
Guy Fox, Jul 19 2001

       Haven't we had this discussion a few times already?   

       By the way, good annotation, mihali.
PotatoStew, Jul 20 2001

       ahem...thank you 'stew.
mihali, Jul 20 2001

       Mihali:yes,of course you are right. Quarterbaker,et al.: I've found that not watching television diminishes my awareness of the season almost entirely. Mrwrong:You are smart.
snarfyguy, Jul 20 2001

       [year mod 5 =4] would have to be Perihelion.
absterge, Jul 21 2001

       I think you should save 10% of your income every month and then on a certain day once a year, just blow it on something you always wanted, if you insist on a holiday. I am glad I am a republican and I have money and I can buy whatever I want without having to depend on liberal people to hand-out toys. Christmas is for children who make 25 cents a week for an allowance and need their parents to buy them toys. Anti-lock brakes and traction control are for people who can't drive. I am so rich I have christmas every two months. Can you imagine on only one day of the year you were allowed to turn on the turbo button on the computer? It's silly that we have holidays that we act a little better in order to make someone happy. Like birthdays, are you supposed to be mean all year and then once a year give the person a break? Why not spend your money when you want something instead of waiting for Jack Reed (liberal) to give it to you? That is the beauty of capitalism. I was never a big fan of gifts. If I wanted something, I get a job and buy it with my salary. I don't like getting something I never wanted and then having to give something in return. I like to return favors as much as gasoline puts out fires. When someone wants a gift, I ask them directly what they want so I don't give them something useless.
Amishman35, Jul 22 2001

       Uh... what are you talking about?
PotatoStew, Jul 23 2001

       I wish it could be Christmas every day.
notripe, Dec 08 2001

       [notripe - faceache to his mates] what exactly do you have in mind to fight your dead turkey?
po, Dec 08 2001

       [po]: How about a bag full of brussels sprouts that have been left to go off for a few weeks? Today I found said bag at the back of the fridge. Considering neither myself or my current housemates like sprouts, the bag must have been there since about when this idea was first created, and, judging by the smell and colour, I'm fairly certain the things had a life of their own.
CoolerKing, Dec 08 2001

       CK, I know exactly what you mean, there really is no need for a back of a fridge, you only need the front of a fridge. Bigger but flatter!
po, Dec 08 2001

       I *knew* this idea would come back this month.
snarfyguy, Dec 09 2001

       Maybe someone should propose that this idea be posted only once every five years or so.
wiml, Dec 09 2001

       Just move Christmas to Feb 29. Of course that would be every 4 years instead of every 5, but you could claim that God told you that Christ was born on Feb 29, and the masses would be slightly more likely to believe you then if you told them that God told you that Christ only wanted His birthday celebrated every 5 years.
JakePatterson, Dec 09 2001

       Even better, every fifth Feb 29.
StarChaser, Dec 10 2001

       Imagine. Christmas every for years. Preparation for it would start in, like, April, and entire economies would falter every four years. Plus, in certain northern countries where winter darkness descends, Christmas is something to look forward to. Apparently suicide is highest after Christmas, cos' its still winter, and dark, but there are no more presents/happy people dressed in red... Of course, that's why they invented the "January Sales".
runonthespot, Dec 19 2002

       Erm, economies would falter because consumers would spend themselves stupid for 5 months and spend four years paying it off. Besides-- imagine getting the wrong present for girlfriend--- you'd get four years of harrasment before you could make it up to them!
runonthespot, Dec 19 2002

       //imagine getting the wrong present for girlfriend--- you'd get four years of harrasment before you could make it up to them!//
psst - <whispers></whispers>
You do that, she'll take it back and trade it in for something to give to you.
thumbwax, Dec 19 2002

       I may sound like a grinch, but i'm down with this idea (+)
gorjabuble, Sep 02 2005


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