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James Bond Moment

Hit those ramps and fly
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I occasionally have James Bond moments. I will be driving along quite normally when suddenly there it is - an empty car transporter lowered to the ground or a furniture van with ramps or even just a skip with ramps. I then get an uncontrollable urge to jump the ramp, sail gracefully through the sky and clear the traffic jam ahead. Fortunately self-preservation kicks in just in time.

For the next 007 movie, the promoters could stage real James Bond moments. They could make it obvious with a big sign saying "James Bond Moment Ahead" or more cryptic with clues such as the number plate ending in 007 or a half naked woman tied to a lamp post. Either way, once you spot your James Bond Moment you can then hit the accelerator and mount the ramp safe in the knowledge that on the other side of the ramp is nothing other than a big fluffy mattress.

The_Saint, Dec 01 2009


       Sometimes I do my shopping via the Blackwall Tunnel and once had a little James Bond moment while going through there - unfortunately, you tend to have to go time it to around 3am (it's a 24 hour Sainsburys) in order to get the full (non-traffic) effect.
zen_tom, Dec 01 2009

       I've always been tempted to do that, but I think the fluffy pillow might not be the best way to land.   

       I know somebody who on a whim went down a runaway truck ramp - these are runout areas adjacent to the road on long steep downhill areas, that are basically gravel beds with a big pile of gravel at the end.   

       He eventually got towed out. His spouse was not amused at spending her day there.
normzone, Dec 01 2009

       z-t, probably what caused the fire that closed the tunnel for days....
po, Dec 01 2009

       "You must be traveling at a minimum of 40 MPH to enjoy this experience."   

       So there are the liability issues, and the laws concerning road use, but what the hell, [+].   

       It could be done if the ramp led not to a gap, but to a very thick, sturdy yet transparent "arch" made of perspex, like a hump-backed canal bridge, leading to a down-ramp, so that as you passed over, just for a second or two, the car seemed to be "flying!.
8th of 7, Dec 01 2009

       Surely you should be opting for Simon Templar moments?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2009

       With the life I've lived, and the movies I've seen, one could infer I have had a James Bond moment by now. But no. Never. Not once. But I can also honestly say I never made it through an entire James Bond movie, conscious, either. Not that something traumatic happened, no, just sleep. So this idea, while somewhat cute, is prolly not for me. But I wanted to like it, just like the movies. I wanted to...
blissmiss, Dec 01 2009

       I could see this as a sign on certain ski hill cliffs.
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2009


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