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Screen History

Reviewing actual drives
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This idea is sort of the opposite of old Hollywood movies, wherein footage of passing scenery was projected from the back windows of otherwise motionless 'cars'.

In this incarnation, a flexible screen is placed under the front windshield, but inside the car, so that motionless drivers can reenact long drives from history (videos of which are legion on Youtube, etc.) without even starting the engine.

Likewise, a smaller version could be used to play back videos of drives you've already taken and want to take again, for very literal drivers who need very literal landmarks as they are literally driving.

4and20, Dec 03 2020


       Not sure I love the title, but I really love the idea. So much more realistic.
blissmiss, Dec 03 2020

       I see this as being useful in self-driving cars, in which a view of a road might be projected onto the screen which is more beautiful than the actual view of the road on your regular commute.
hippo, Dec 03 2020

       ...but you would, of course, match the projected road to the actual road by having the projection system do some very clever real-time editing
hippo, Dec 03 2020

       Mostly baked for race tracks. Some Formula 1 drivers practice on simulator set-ups; wouldn't take much to rig it inside an actual car.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 03 2020


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