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Pickup Truck Trampoline

bounce through traffic
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Pickup Truck Trampoline is another optional extra for all pickup trucks. It's a simple piece of apparatus that easily converts the flat bed area of the truck into a mobile trampoline.

Supplemented by a set of handrails on the roof of the cab (so that it doubles up as a jumping-off platform) and a fold away easy access ladder, the trampoline user is protected from being flung into traffic by the surrounding side walls which are composed of a protective springy mesh.

This means the trampoline can be used as the pickup truck negotiates slow or even high speed journeys.

Adventurous users can travel alongside other pick up trucks equipped with tampolines to enable the user to bounce from one to the other. (this is not recommended for health and safety considerations)

Delux version features spectacular synchronised lighting for night use.

xenzag, Jul 15 2019


       Alternatively, combine well-sprung expanses of polypropylene with a system of ramps and berms, so that the drivers of unsuitably modified pickup trucks can attempt bouncy manoeuvres in three dimensions. My hunch is that, if you started with a monster truck, you might be able to make the suspension kick. Seatbelts advisable.
pertinax, Jul 15 2019

       See idea "Hip-Hop- Cable- Skipping-Low-Rider" I posted it a while back.
xenzag, Jul 15 2019

       This idea has great potential to cause serious injury and death; it may even pose a substantial hazard to onlookers who may be struck by misdirected trampolinists.   

8th of 7, Jul 15 2019

       I love this. I love this so much I could jump for joy...oh NOOOoooooo, Splat, that was me hitting the highway. Oh well, it sure was fun getting squished by a semi and dying. See ya on the other side, she said.
blissmiss, Jul 15 2019


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