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Jammer Men

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So... I have this thing: computers never work fully around me, especially if they've been around me for a while. Software jams, hardware is suddenly not recognized anymore by the system, stuff like that.

Now, I'm sure there's more people like me out there. So why doesn't the army hire us to go undercover in a war zone, and just have us hang around the enemy's electronics?

Personally, I detest armies, but maybe others don't?

Let's make some money out of this.

Trickytracks, Apr 13 2005


       Is this idea in some secret code I don't know? All I see is strange markings such as @@#%^&*%$#$! in seemingly random order. Can you explain or give me the code, [Trickytracks]?
zeno, Apr 13 2005

       Better yet, let's just isolate the jammer gene, and create a bio-electronic warfare germ we can bomb the enemy with; it would be a new weapon which isn't covered by any conventions or treaties yet.
Soterios, Apr 13 2005

       I'm sorry [zeno], all I get is garbled characters... maybe you could reset your browser settings or something?
Trickytracks, Apr 15 2005


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