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Monopoly - Day Trading Edition

Finally, new prices!
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Every time there's a new edition of Monopoly, the street names have changed but the rents and property prices are exactly the same.

It's dumb, right? Aren't there any other dollar amount systems that would work?

Well, plug the electronic Day Trading Edition Monopoly board into any phone jack, and find out today!

This connection links your game with hundreds of other Day Trading Monopoly games currently being played in your area, and, as players in other homes buy and sell properties, the prices on everyone else's game boards fluctuate as well!

No longer is Mediterranean Avenue guaranteed to be a bargain at 60 bucks. Depending on the demand for the property in other households, its price (and its rent) can climb to up to 5 times its normal value.

Skilled players may want to pass up buying Boardwalk this time around - because it might just get cheaper next time... or will you fail to land on it again?

Housing costs will vary as well. The more houses and hotels are in play on all the gameboards in the region, the more costly it is for *anyone* to buy a new house, even if that player's game still has all of its houses available.

LCD screens on the gameboard display the current rents and prices, and funky line graphs in the center of the board continually monitor historical trends, enabling all players to speculate on future prices.

So, before you decide that you'll never trade 3 orange properties for 2 yellows -- better check the gameboard and consider once again!

phundug, Feb 06 2004

Monopoly Invention http://web.mit.edu/...t/iow/monopoly.html
[theircompetitor, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       block party+
theircompetitor, Feb 06 2004

       I still find it bizarre that the whole world doesn't play on a board that goes from Old Kent Road to Mayfair. Of course, now I'm a proper grown-up I realise it was invented by the Americans (one thing the French can't claim) so Mediterranean Avenue and Boardwalk are the real thing, but it's still wierd.
hazel, Feb 06 2004

       Hence the new car...
k_sra, Feb 06 2004

       invented by the americans? shirley not?
po, Feb 06 2004

       or the french masquerading as the americans?
hazel, Feb 06 2004

DrAstroZoom, Feb 06 2004


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