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Jeopardy Dating

Quizzical quid pro quo
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There is a dearth of first date icebreakers and a plethora of poor pickup lines. To revitalize the meat market lingo and better determine if the unknown other is Ms./Mr. Right, a new etiquette of quiz conversation is proposed. Ten points are added/deducted for each correct/incorrect response, and if both parties achieve 100 points each within 15 minutes, it's a green light for serious dating.

Some samples:
"This term, I hope, describes my appearance." "What is fabulous?" "Correct, +10."
"This movement of bodies in rhythm is what i wish to do with you now." "What is dancing?" "Incorrect, -10."
"This divorced, father of one is funny and adventurous." "Who are you?" "Correct, +10."
"This degree of fondness is what I feel for you." " What is love?" "Incorrect, -10."

FarmerJohn, May 15 2002

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       "Are you glad to see me?"
'What is that a gun in my pocket?'
Incorrect, -10
thumbwax, May 15 2002

       I'm against anything that'll make meeting members of the opposite sex more competitive, but then again, would it really be any more competitive? On the other hand, what if someone you really fancy scores -50? And wouldn't it just be boring geeks who get high marks, because they've worked out a system? I have no idea whatsoever.
pottedstu, May 15 2002

       I'll take ‘Personality Of A’ for $200, ¯FarmerJohn.
reensure, May 15 2002

       What would be the runner up prize? or last place? would I get an inflatable doll?
I2RI, Jun 11 2003

       Clearly you are the weakest link, goodbye. -- I'm going to go with B, 'Yes'. Are you sure? You can just take your marital status, or you could phone a friend first. I think 'Yes' Not 'I'll think about it'? No, 'Yes', final answer. -- A tasty spread enjoyed by few outside Britain, and reviled by most, but which I am willing to spread all over you. What is Marmite? Correct.
imagin8or, Jun 26 2003


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