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Marianne's Moor romantic services

...and they both lived happily ever after.
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If films and literature[1] are to be believed, people fall in love rapidly in perilous conditions. I therefore propose a dating service where women are stranded in the middle of nowhere[2]. They can then be rescued by dashing young men (sometimes on horseback), and nature can take its course.

Some monitoring may be necessary, and I further propose an 'apprentice rescue agent' system (using male customers) to ensure women are rescued within a reasonable period of time.

[1] The service is named for a character in Sense and Sensibility whose principal method of pulling involved wandering off and falling over.

[2] The deluxe service involves a traintrack and moustache-twirling villain.

Loris, Jan 13 2008


       //wandering off and falling over// Brilliant, but tends not to work so well if you're male. I suppose the closest male equivalent would be to hang around looking like Woody Allen in odd socks, and waiting to be mothered. Not sure I'd recommend that, either.
pertinax, Jan 14 2008

       <hums Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights">
hippo, Jan 14 2008

       Might work (+), but how do you attain the sense of realism?
MisterQED, Jan 15 2008

       Brilliant. There's just not enough swooning these days.
zen_tom, Jan 15 2008

       Nice, but once this takes off and there's a long queue for the next lady to be saved, the men's queue will start to form. Eventually the rest of the trappings fall off and you have simply arranged marriages by 'now serving' number, which then becomes a line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
RayfordSteele, Jan 15 2008

       Can there be a similar service for middle- aged topologists who would quite like to be rescued by Lara Croft? If there were any such gentleman? For the sake of argument?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2008


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