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the science of lures
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A study and prototyping around air lures.

For to pick up chicks with.

The lures can start out as foam toys with one or two feathers stuck in.

If you wing these lures around your body as you as you walk -- depending on how pretty they are (use peacock feathers), and how well you wing them around (walk fast and let the feathers guide your hand through the air and hold the toy loosely) -- chicks will literally walk up to an unsuspecting person with the disability to get along with anyone, and they will ask you, "what is that?" to which you may respond, "its a wing", or, "its a demonstration of the Wright Brothers' Wing Warping principle," or, "its a lure and it worked, would you like to dance?", or, "it none of your fucking business butt face," or, "its our future together," or, "its a heater, designed to enable human powered flapping flight so that we can all migrate with the seasons and stay warm all year round," or some other such thing depending on the hotness of the asker and the mood of the winger.

JesusHChrist, Dec 11 2016


       Fishboners have either not tried this or are female or are not interested in getting laid.
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016


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