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Jerky Rose

Your redneck sweetheart's fave-o-rite gift!
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Slabs of beef jerky (or whatever-else jerky) formed into the shape of a full rose.

Long-stemmed single beefy blooms, or a full meat bouquet. Teriyaki, peppered, and marinated varieties. Yum yum!!!


Grumbleshark, May 01 2008


       + I think it's a sweet idea...can come with cracker leaves!
xandram, May 01 2008

       The stems could be chewy strips of tendon.
bungston, May 01 2008

       For Valentine's Day, the market here in this Ozarks town had rib-eye steaks butterflied and trimmed into heart shapes. It was right purty.
baconbrain, May 01 2008

       This is that rose by any other name that smells like meat. [+]
jaksplat, May 01 2008


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