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Right Wing Jerky

Grind critters, pour into jerky mold!
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Venison, mustang, bear, rabbit, bat, eagle and squirrel. All together. In a jerky. 'Nuff said.

(I'd eat it.)

21 Quest, Oct 31 2009

Squirrel Jerky recipe http://www.1beefjer.../squirrel-jerky.htm
That is a recipe. This isn't. [jutta, Nov 01 2009]


       Baked. Slim Jims.
DrWorm, Oct 31 2009

       A reliable source informs me that dolphin tastes like veal. I'd wager coyote is gross, and opossum is said to be greasy at the best.

       I like buffalo and venison, but I think you can have my share.
normzone, Oct 31 2009

       I got a little carried away when it occurred to me that it has a strong Republican Scent. I've trimmed the fat a little, so to speak, to leave only the tasty critters.
21 Quest, Oct 31 2009

       I must be missing something. Not all of these creatures have wings, and certainly mixed meats is not an original idea. Jerky is made from one meat, SAUSAGE is a mix of meats.

       Do you have the munchies tonight?
normzone, Oct 31 2009

       Aye, as a matter of fact I do! But my idea is not for a sausage. It's for a mixed-meat jerky, made from the tastiest of nature's meats.
21 Quest, Oct 31 2009

       So do I. Not yet tried caribou and rabbit. I made squirrel spaghetti once.
normzone, Oct 31 2009

       Bunnies are yummies... especially the legs. Squirrel spaghetti sounds awesome, by the way. Never had it like that.
21 Quest, Oct 31 2009

       Recipe.. flavor... some of the words that come to mind.
tatterdemalion, Oct 31 2009

       Food... meat... jerky... some of the words that come to my mind... like in the category title?
21 Quest, Nov 01 2009

       "Do you like my critter Jerky?"
I'd rather have a Christmas Turkey.
I do not think that Squirrel is food
I do not think that, I'm not being rude
"Would you eat it in a vest?"
No, I wouldn't [21Quest]!
"Would you eat it in a box?"
"Would you eat it with a fox?"
Not if Squirrel is a part of that,
A Squirrel is a kind of rat.
And (sorry if this is being rude)
A Squirrel *really* isn't food
I can see as well you've done your best
But roadkill tree-rats [21Quest]?
It's not for me, not with Squirrel.
A food like this is not my idyll.
zen_tom, Nov 01 2009

       // like in the category title? // No, like in the [marked-for-deletion] section of the help file. My understanding is the existence of a category does not mean ideas within that category are not subject to deletion.
tatterdemalion, Nov 01 2009

       and well let it be at least mentioned, that not all the 'right wing' politicos would eat this combo, or even one element of it.
dentworth, Nov 01 2009

       I'm sure I'm being terribly obtuse here, but can someone help me out and explain why this is right wing? As opposed to left wing, or any other political persuasion for that matter? Is this an Americo-centric thing?
Custardguts, Nov 01 2009

       And shouldn't it really contain chicken? Take wings, dispose of half of them, marinate and then leave to dry.
zen_tom, Nov 01 2009

       Right wing because it's widely accepted that hunting is the barbaric sport of the far right hard-liners, and this jerky is made solely of critters that are hunted, as opposed to turkey, chickens, or cows.
21 Quest, Nov 01 2009

       [admin: This isn't a recipe. It's not about us all actually making tasty food; it's about the concept of food made from ideologically charged ingredients.]

       I could get the right-wing thing if it were red-neck roadkill only, or if it's American hunter bambi-venison only, but the mix doesn't quite make sense to me - in my cliche repertoire, the people who can shoot venison don't tend to use squirrel. Farmed buffalo is available again as a lower-fat alternative to beef; I'm not sure whether eating it corresponds with a political leaning at all these days, no more than eating beef would, anyway.

       Donkey, maybe?
jutta, Nov 01 2009

       I suppose you're right, Jutta. A few changes are in order, methinks.
21 Quest, Nov 01 2009

       So where's the custard?
Twizz, Nov 02 2009

       //Right wing because it's widely accepted that hunting is the barbaric sport of the far right hard-liners//

       Oh, so we're being a twat again. Ok.

       Widely accepted by whom, [21]? Are you a vegetarian, or just don't like people who aren't too squeamish to harvest their own food?
Custardguts, Nov 02 2009

       It's kind of a double satire, CG. On the one hand, I'm ridiculing Right-wingers for being overly barbaric, and on the other left- wingers for being such bleeding hearts. The choice of meat content is chosen by Repulicans, and the name by Democrats, don't you see... or am I only making sense to my self again?
21 Quest, Nov 03 2009

       designed to offend all who comprehend.
WcW, Nov 03 2009

       See, that's why I like you WCW... you get it.
21 Quest, Nov 03 2009

       In America, "Right Wing" has some tendency to correspond to "National Rifle Association," and "Survivalists." "left wing" has some tendency to correspond to "Greenpeace," and "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals." Hence, we can have right wing jerky to logically go with our existing left wing nuts.

       I suggest that deer and rabbit be removed, as they can both be farm raised (Rabbits especially as they often suppliment subsistence or income for the urban poor.) Eagle also might not be the tastiest.

       Perhaps Moose, Caribou, Reindeer (Are these all different or not? I get conflicting answers) and antelope.

       Various forms of sea turtles are said to be rather tasty... and nowadays there's a pretty big backlash against eating it. I also know a large number of lumberjacks who want spotted owl in their food instead of in their trees.
ye_river_xiv, Nov 06 2009


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