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Jewish Santa

Fun for all!
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Local governements must either put up Santas and menorahs or neither. To make it easier a company should sell a Santa holding a menorah.
Rexaldo, Jan 04 2003

Law Info http://www.pbs.org/now/quiz/quiz2.html
From NOW [Rexaldo, Oct 17 2004]


       Hey UnaBubba!   

       //Local governements must either put up Santas and menorahs or neither//   

       Great argument but add some more info. He gave a website that says they do. Maybe you live out side the USA but in the USA they do. Thank you
LawBoy!, Jan 04 2003

       It may be law someplace but, it doesn't exactly make sense to me. It would seem more equitable to require putting up a "Hanukkah Harry" along with Santa.
half, Jan 05 2003

       Christmas trees, mistletoe, holly branches, and Santa Claus aren't religious symbols, a nativity scene or a menorrah is. As long as both religious and secular items are displayed, it isn't "endorsing" a religion.
whlanteigne, Jan 05 2003

       I hate laws like that. Fer cryin' out loud, why don't we just replace every public item that has ever had a religious connotation anywhere with a smiley face and a disclaimer saying (this smiley face is not intented to influence you to join the cult of the smiley face).   

       Constitutionality run amuck.
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2003


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