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Santa Claus

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Less inept that Santa Clauseau, more friendly than Santa Klaus Barbie, and less scary than the Sarantula, this "Santa Claus" is a big, fat old guy with a white beard who creeps down chimneys and leaves presents for children.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 17 2018


       What a daft idea.
8th of 7, Dec 17 2018

       Baked - by Santa Claus! (when will it end? - not for a while as there's still Santa's Cods + a few more as yet unmentionables)
xenzag, Dec 17 2018

       I don't understand the idea. It resembles nothing in the real world and is merely derivative of a series of halfbakery posts. The name doesn't even rhyme, or pun, or anything. I suppose the only thing that can be said of it is that it is original.
pocmloc, Dec 17 2018


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