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Undeliverable Mail to Santa and God
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In the movie "Dear God" (Thanks, RayfordSteele) a con-artist gets sentenced to community service in a post office and there discovers that many many people write mail to Santa and to God - and so he begins to play god and answer their requests in the hopes of getting money at first, but then simply because he gets into the spirit of things... Anyhow, my idea would be to set up a nonprofit corporation (or two) under the name/s Santa and God, so that all that undeliverable mail to those names might legitimately be given to the corporation, which would then use funds from donations to make the wishes come true. Letters would be randomly drawn from the pile and then voted on by the board regarding a number of factors, including possibility. This would all be done anonymously of course. And if God or Santa ever showed up, we'd give them their mail back and hope they weren't too upset about it!
submitinkmonkey, Mar 08 2005

Baked. http://www.jaunted....ers+At+This+Address
[pashute, Jul 30 2014]


       Then this would lead to people claiming that 'their wife commited suicide/mutilated herself as she thought that god had meant her to', and I know that in Britain and Australia they have services that deals with such letters as these, well, Santa letters certainly, I sent one off to him a few years back, when I was about nine, and I got a reply, and I hadn't even put postage on it!...
froglet, Mar 08 2005

       You mean that santa doesn't get all those letters?! I'm in oz and don't know about a service for santa letters but i do remember when i was little there used to be something that was almost like a 'santa hotline' where you could dial a number and talk to santa and let him know about all the things you wanted for xmas. Strangely enough though i'm still waiting for my pony.
gorjabuble, Mar 09 2005

       The movie is called 'Dear God.'
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2005

       And there's a radio channel here in Britain who calls children who haven't been very good (according to their parents) by some guy who claims to be Santa, and if they're not good, they won't get any prezzies, I think it works, I used it on my 7 year old brother and boy did it work, I claimed I was santa's elf...
froglet, Mar 09 2005

       In the Netherlands letters to god get sent on to the religious tv broadcastingcompany. No mention is made of what they do with it. But letters from jews are actually sent to the wall in Jeruzalem. They are scanned and printed on the smallest possible peace of paper. They say: god has good eyesight.
zeno, Mar 10 2005

       [zeno] what do they do with the letters from god?
theircompetitor, Mar 10 2005

       [froglet] was nine "a few years back." Aww, isn't that cute?
k_sra, Mar 10 2005

       [theircompetitor], sadly god is oldfashioned enough to still write his letters on stone tablets and appearantly the postal service sends them back to heaven on acount of them not having enough stamps.   

       [k-sra], yes that is my sentiment exactly. BTW, does your name mean Whatever will be will be?
zeno, Mar 13 2005


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