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JiffyDrive-Thru Funeral Home

Pay your respects from the comfort of your car!
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No long lines for viewing. Just pull in, pay your respects, and your on your way. Tune to AM 1240 for the eulogy on the half-hour. Family member deceased? Use the handy 24hr drop off box (refridgerated of course). Funeral arrangements made in "extra valu" packages. "Yes, a number one in oak. $495 at the window, pull ahead."
sseefeldt, Dec 06 2000

Harvey Funeral Home http://www.phoenixn...p/1997/mondo11.html
The future is here. [Monkfish, Dec 06 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Thompson's http://www.abcnews....iewings_000721.html
More. Actually, there appear to be dozens. Only viewing so far, though. Presumably there are security concerns with letter-slots large enough to stuff a corpse through. [Monkfish, Dec 06 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       i think that's perfect for those people that die that you don't really know but you kinda do and you'd get fussed at if you didn't pay respects and get all dressed up and stuff....you're sorry they died but would they come to yours? ...:)
wanda x, Dec 11 2000

       Baked since the nineteen sixties (at least).
Dolophine, Dec 12 2000

       How much is that doggie in the window?
Ala, Jan 19 2002

       No security concerns if the letter-slot feeds straight to the crematorium oven.   

       You could even pick up the urn at the second window.
jonathanhowell, Jul 17 2003

       In the town next to where I live, they have a drive-through church.
Vegan_Girl, Oct 05 2005


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