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Job Time Share

Do someone else's crappy job for two weeks
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This service matches up people and their jobs with other people and their jobs in other locations. It works for jobs with the minimal ammount of training between two persons.

It could be two people with the same job in different locations of a multinational company, or it could be a group of companies who have an agreement together to share employees. At the very least it is someone who is willing to cover for you for the 2 or so weeks while you go somewhere else.

If you don't mind working a shift when you visit a friend then more vacation opportunities are open to you and you get paid for it too.

sartep, Aug 03 2003

Displacement Activity Swap Shop http://www.halfbake...ivity_20Swap_20Shop
"A user can post up the task it is which they are currently trying to avoid doing. Other users...can take it on as their displacement activity, sending their results back to the original poster." [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Then you come back and find out the chef made a mess of your network...
phoenix, Aug 03 2003

       Just wait until he finds out what you put in his oysters Rockefeller...
DeathNinja, Aug 03 2003

       I said minimal training between jobs AKA almost same job.   

       Mmmmmm. Oysters Rockefeller.
sartep, Aug 03 2003


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