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Joke Bulb

Light bulbs that behave in funny ways.
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Turn on this bulb and it can emulate a burn-out and then come back on in a few seconds. Or it can: Fill the room with smoke of burning tungsten. Act like a strobe light at freqencies that cause headaches.. Make rude/destructive noises when turned on. Blow off the lamp shade at random times. Turns itself on for a second when removed from the socket.
Amishman35, Jan 21 2002


       Does the burn-out smoke the good stuff?
thumbwax, Jan 21 2002

       ....win the Turner Prize.
notripe, Jan 21 2002

       ....not win the Turner Prize.
notripe, Jan 21 2002

       To marketed by Bastards, Inc., I suppose.
snarfyguy, Jan 22 2002

       Yeah, yeah, I get it--if it worked for Bill Gates it should work for any other product. Gives people something to obsess over and feel superior to, helps them bond together with a common cause.
entremanure, Jan 22 2002


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