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right hemisphere re-activation garment

one-sleeved jacket that requires the wearer to perform tasks with the “not-normally” favoured hand, in order to exercise the other hemisphere of the brain.
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by using the “wrong” hand for tasks such as writing, opening beer cans, manipulating tools and sports equipment, the user will stimulate the other half of the brain.

restricting right-handers into using the left hand will result in the stimulation of the right side of the brain associated with creativity. left-handers should wear the garment inside out, requiring them to use the right hand and exercising the left side of the brain in order to improve their language skills.

wear the garment as often as you wish but once on, it should be pretty difficult to remove because the temptation to slip into something more comfortable would be great. I envisage a rubber material like a wetsuit and perhaps laced up like a traditional corset requiring a second party and a sturdy foot in the small of your back.

po, Oct 12 2002


       //improve their language skills// Just so I'm not talking out of one side of my mouth.
FarmerJohn, Oct 12 2002

       These foul-minded people I can't get away from are wondering what I'm doing with my right hand stuck down my...
lurch, Oct 12 2002

       which hand, UB?
po, Oct 12 2002

       prove it...
po, Oct 12 2002

       as I speak I am using my right hand to activate my mouse and combing my hair with my left hand. that does not mean that my right hemisphere does not need a little tweak now and then <g>
po, Oct 12 2002

       I'm a "right sock left sock, right shoe left shoe" in the morning. Every so often, I try "left sock left shoe, right sock right shoe". It makes my brain crazy and always expect to go out of the house with my socks on over my shoes.   

       To make it more fun, have them use the opposite hand when cleaning themselves in the loo. Had surgery on my "wiping" hand and almost went nuts trying to keep "sanitary".
IVnick8or, Oct 12 2002

       Well po I couldn't resist the writing on the wall here. If you are so talented to play with your hair and the mouse while you are speaking...   

       I want to know what you are typing with man!?
hollajam, Oct 12 2002

       It's curious, your acquaintance UB.

       Did it cause him to suffer from dyslexic ambidextrous bisexual tendancies after that...?   

       btw, I'm a left sock/ right sock....then right shoe /left shoe... Sometimes I have to scratch an itch in my brain to write backwards or upside-down and backwards in script. Depends on the 'itch' which hand I use so that's a flip also. All considered, I can never "name" the orientation I'm writing in until I start analyzing the evidence in the mirror or window light. Doctor, is this "aphasia" or is it worse...?
hollajam, Oct 12 2002

       Hmm... I'm not sure I agree with the premise here.   

       // restricting right-handers into using the left hand will result in the stimulation of the right side of the brain associated with creativity. left-handers should wear the garment inside out, requiring them to use the right hand and exercising the left side of the brain in order to improve their language skills. //   

       Implicit in this is that righties are less creative, and lefties not so good with language. This is clearly not true.   

       I can't believe that using the wrong hand is going to improve my language skills. Creativity, perhaps, in that I'd have to be creative in order to find ways to do things I normally do with the other hand... but that's all I'll give you.
waugsqueke, Oct 13 2002

       // No, he was a pervert before it happened. //   

       Then his accident was staged.
hollajam, Oct 13 2002

       waugsqueke, I would hope you trust me when I say that the principle of exercising opposite hemispheres of the brain applied intensely and broadly through "handedness tasks" "eye patching" "left/right audio input control" can have bearings towards a future world paradise...   

       but...*not*... as applied in the 'trivial' pursuit that you see it.
hollajam, Oct 14 2002

       Well nothing personal, but I don't really believe that, no. That is, insofar as I am able to understand what you're saying, which, I must admit, is something with which I frequently have difficulty.
waugsqueke, Oct 14 2002

       <aside> waugsqueke I'll take the anno as acknowledgement - which itself is a compliment.</aside>   

       There is plenty of research to validate these practices...
hollajam, Oct 14 2002

       So [po], what you want is half of a straight jacket?
phoenix, Oct 14 2002

       oh trust you [phoenix], no I want a one-sleeved corset: now thinking black lace, satin and ribbons. any objections if I elaborate on the look of it?
po, Oct 14 2002

       Oh, whatever it takes pheonix, at least it's reversible, no pun intended, meaning that it's an alternative to breaking both wrists...   

       btw, new friend, you haven't answered my question up there.<smirky>
hollajam, Oct 14 2002

       the answer to your question is that I have trained the cat to do all the menial stuff like typing.
po, Oct 14 2002

       ...Just having a little fun... but I'm hanging myself to keep from responding further on such ripe opportunity <smirky2>
hollajam, Oct 14 2002

       A nice alternative might be a fake cast. That way no one looks at you too strangely. Maybe rig it so it's very complicated to remove. If you don't practice with your 'off' hand you have to keep using it.
phoenix, Oct 14 2002

       Hang on smirky, smirky, smirky hang on
Hang on smirky, smirky hang on

       Smirky lives in a very bad part of town
and everybody else, tries to put my smirky down
Smirky I don't care, what your daddy do
Cuz you know smirky, girl, I'm in love with you
po, Oct 15 2002

       ...a smirky smile for po...
hollajam, Oct 15 2002

       You're right then. That type usually isn't capable of such strategy.
hollajam, Oct 15 2002

       This annotation is stupid, obvious and unfunny. But the devil made me do it. If you want to exercise your right hemisphere and your left hand at the same time, maybe you could learn to play the piano. Music is said to be a right hemisphere thing, and piano playing makes good use of both hands, so I hear. There now it's off my chest. Please don't be mad! <dons earmuffs to fend off deafening silence>
rabbit, Oct 16 2002

       au contraire, Mr Rabbit. excellent idea.
po, Oct 16 2002

       Merci, mam'selle po. A single pat on the back lifts my spirits mightily.
rabbit, Oct 16 2002

       PO, you've actually designed a medical treatment that's already in existence for stroke patients and others with unilateral brain damage. It's called restraint therapy. Say you've got a bum right arm. They restrain your left (favored) one and thereby force you to use your bum right one. Unbelievably, they've also developed a language-mediated restraint therapy for those with language brain damage. They give the patient words they cannot use. Their brains are thereby forced to seek other words, through which their damaged language centers may improve. You're evidently a genius. Congrats. :)
effervescent, Apr 09 2003


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