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Junk Drawer Degausser

To counter the dastardly effects of misplaced magnets.
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Keep all your nails and other hardware from annoyingly clumping together around stray magnets and magnetic objects.
21 Quest, Jan 29 2010


       why not just put stray magnetic things in a tin box?
Arcanus, Jan 29 2010

       That would be too organized. This has the added benefit, it set to run every time the drawer detects a new addition, of killing any de-organizer or re-organizer robots that a vandal may decide to inflict upon your drawer.
21 Quest, Jan 29 2010

       err... so now I need a separate junk drawer just for my magnets ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 29 2010

       No... you just need a soon-to-be award winning, patent pending Re-gausser.
21 Quest, Jan 29 2010

       This has the added benefit of erasing any cellphones and computer devices you might have left in the drawer by accident.
sninctown, Jan 30 2010

       Which would've been wiped already by the magnets this is designed to counter, so what's your point?
21 Quest, Jan 30 2010

       I don't think that's necessarily true. Whereas i have something of a "putting magnets anywhere near magnetic media" phobia, unless they're actually rare earth magnets or ordinary iron magnets in contact with the media concerned, i think you'd stand a fairly good chance of getting away without damaging them. It's not advisable to stick them in the same drawer, but it would be a pity to lose any data which you were lucky enough to have retained or be able to retrieve where they were damaged.
nineteenthly, Jan 30 2010

       Who puts such media in the kitchen junk drawer, though?
21 Quest, Jan 30 2010

       Someone who is as disorganised as i am or who has fancy gadgets disguised as something else.
nineteenthly, Jan 30 2010

       //erasing any cellphones //

       Your cellphone uses floppies?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2010

       Right, so are Micro-SDs and so on not magnetic? Not being sarcastic here, just asking out of curiosity because i don't really get them.

       OK, after looking them up, so they're semiconductor-based.
nineteenthly, Jan 31 2010

       Since we're talking about storing miscellaneous hardware in the kitchen, wasn't your typical refrigerator door designed to hold assorted spare magnets?
Canuck, Jan 31 2010

       I used the side of my computer's tower (actually a motherboard on it's side...) to hold refrigerator magnets for a whole decade back in the 90s. Both sizes of floppies went in and out every day to run various shareware games with no problem.

       Later, the floppies in an early digitial camera I had continuously gave me problems... but at that time, I was in the navy, on a steel ship with built-in degaussers.

       So... the magnets in the drawer probably won't be a problem, but I think the degausser would go a bit overboard.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 31 2010

       What's with all this talk of digital media? Read the post, please. Seriously, if you have one of these, keep your digital media out of the drawer.
21 Quest, Jan 31 2010

       //wasn't your typical refrigerator door designed to hold assorted spare magnets?// - alas, no. I realised after buying my fridge that the door is stainless steel and thus non-magnetic.

[ye_river_xiv] ...digital cameras which stored pictures to floppy disc - I'd forgotten about those!
hippo, Feb 01 2010

       A stepvan from bankrupt carpet cleaner, some impressive magnets and you can start a mobile degaussing service.   


       Pick up a church at auction and start a gauss religious sect. Lights dim at high noon and anything place reverently on the altar is degaussed.   

       No preaching if all attending donate a buck.   

       Tea and cake in the social hall afterwards.
popbottle, Mar 04 2017

       //Magnetic screwdrivers are great until you don't want one.//
FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2017


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