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Never leave lose another tool
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This is a toolbox with a scale built-in to the handle. There is no readout, just a few buttons. After finishing a job and filling the toolbox back up, you lift the toolbox and the scale determines if everything is accounted for in your toolbox. It beeps if there is something missing.

This is a solution to a problem many installers have. They are in different rooms every day, using lots of hand tools that can get misplaced. This toolbox allows you to pack it up, pick it up and leave the job with the confidence that you won’t have to return for lost tools.

evilpenguin, Jan 18 2008

SmartBox SmartBox
Not the same idea. [phoenix, Jan 18 2008]

RFID toolbox RFID_20toolbox
My take on this idea. [phoenix, Jan 18 2008]


       wow, a bun in 5 minutes!
evilpenguin, Jan 18 2008

       Aha, the evil Autobunner has struck again!   

       But to the idea: I keep wire, screws, nails and suchlike stored in the toolbox too, so I will perpetually come up with discrepancies at the end of the DIY session. Couldn't you do this more easily with RFID technology?
DrCurry, Jan 18 2008

       My thoughts exactly [DrCurry] (link).
phoenix, Jan 18 2008

       Isn't RFID range a bit long? Wouldn't it register a tool that is just near the bag? Also expensive, $1 per tag plus $$$ for the reader and aggravation to reprogram. This way you just have a buzzer that goes off with volume or tone based on discrepancy and a reset key that corrects the system to the new weight. I like the idea as stated (+).
MisterQED, Jan 18 2008

       I like your idea so count this +, but I put pink nail polish spots on all of my tools, so if someone mistakenly takes one, they will have to deal with the consequences of showing off bright pink spotted tools!
xandram, Jan 18 2008

       //more easily with RFID technology// In my view that statement is an oxymoron.   

       I keep   

       //wire, screws, nails and suchlike//   

       in my   

       //wire, screws, nails and suchlike// box and my tools in another. Actually I have 5 toolboxes. My main toolbox is ALWAYS lacking at least one tool that I misplaced somewhere. I got the idea because I can feel if my toolbox is too light...   

       RFID is WAY to expensive and complex to impliment for a toolbox, IMHO [edit: what QED said]
evilpenguin, Jan 18 2008

       Good idea. When you arrive at site, press the button which registers the weight of the toolbox, and unlocks the catch.   

       On departure, pick up box and lock shut. If it's heavier, that's OK - they shouldn't leave nice stuff ike that just lying around. But if it's light, BEEP BEEP.
8th of 7, Jan 18 2008

       So it's heavier because you picked up a lump hammer, but left behind your ultra-expensive micrometer.
xenzag, Jan 18 2008

       Good point. But we don't know anyone who carries lump hammers and micrometers in the same toolbox.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       thank you 8th of 7. Thats pretty much exactly what I was trying to convey! Thanks for the discription
evilpenguin, Jan 21 2008

       // if I think about it //   

       That will be a first ... put the flags out.
8th of 7, Jan 21 2008

       haha, I can haz dickshunary?
evilpenguin, Jan 22 2008

       //RFID is WAY to expensive and complex to impliment for a toolbox//

But cheap and simple enough for Oyster cards?
angel, Jan 22 2008

       A scale with a mircoprocessor is CHEAPER than a RFID system anyday. That was my point.
evilpenguin, Jan 23 2008


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