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Mile In A Suitcase

mile long measuring tape in a suitcase
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Mile In A Suitcase looks like a large suitcase on wheels with a telescopic handle enabling it to be easily transported. (it's quite heavy) Protruding from one side of the suitcase near the bottom edge is the end of a mile long calibrated measuring tape which continues inside the case where it's wound unto a large spool.

The spool is engineered in such a way as to allow the tape to be easily pulled out to its entire one mile length, locking into position at any interim length. Anchor points enable the suitcase to be firmly attached to the ground prior to withdwrawing the tape to make a measurement.

Once the long measurement is completed, a release button activates the motorised "winding in" action and the tape is withdrawn fully back into the suitcase.

Note* Mile In A Suitcase also comes as a kilometer version.
Not recommended for air travel.

xenzag, Dec 26 2023


       My father had a wheel with a handle and a counter that was calibrated roll and meaaure out the side length of an acre. No reason you couldn't use a different counter gearing to a mile.
RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2023


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