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Tool Storage Box Hieroglyphics

So easy to do, but yet it is not done.
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A lot of tools come with storage toolboxes, for example, a cordless drill or a circular saw.

However, trying to put them back in them toolbox, is like looking at a plastic Ecsheresque maze, wherein repeated attempts to put the tool, it's cord and other components, back in the box takes at least 40 secs of unnecessary trial and error.

I propose stickers affixed to the relevant regions inside, telling me just how to do it.

This certainly isn't baked by Makita or Dewalt.

leinypoo13, Sep 16 2008


       Never seen it, certainly a good idea. I got this really cheap biscuit slot making machine (no idea what it is called in english), and it fits in the box real good AND it has a compartement for the cord! All my really good and expensive tools have the problems you describe.
zeno, Sep 17 2008

       //I got this really cheap biscuit slot making machine (no idea what it is called in english)// Over here, we call it a "cookie slot making machine".
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 17 2008

zeno, Sep 17 2008

       not just for *man* tools either +
xandram, Sep 18 2008


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