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Jury Duty And...

Root Canals, Hair Plug Transplantation, Really Boring Jobs
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This idea combines Jury Duty with activities where you'd really rather be anywhere else.

Each member of the jury keeps track of the proceedings in the courtroom through the use of Google Glasses. Each member of the jury is represented in their jury box chair by an LCD monitor, which the judge will monitor. So, you could be simultaneously getting hair plugs and serving on the jury.

This is the only system I know of where you can get a vasectomy and do your civic duty at the same time.

Grogster, Feb 20 2014


       sooo... free dental care?
mofosyne, Feb 20 2014

       I already know guys for whom having a vasectomy would be considered a civic duty. Bet you do too.
AusCan531, Feb 20 2014

       //where you can get a vasectomy and do your civic duty at the same time.   

       1 bun
not_morrison_rm, Feb 20 2014

       [Akimbo], I have always found it a curious thing that both dentists and their assistants love striking up conversations when your mouth is wide open and has various implements hanging out, and poking into, it.   

       For that reason, the Jury Foreman should probably avoid dental work on the day that closing arguments are presented...   

       Dentist: So, Mr. Jenkins, my assistant tells me you have a new boat?   

       Mr. Jenkins: Vfikvmn dggetbv vvv frvrtbbn ntyj ccedg!   

       Dentist: Twin outboards, is it? Very nice.   

       <meanwhile, back in the courtroom>   

       Judge, Facing the Jury Box: Has the Jury reached a verdict?   

       Mr. Jenkins: Ou rkssk, ffefr kfnad!!   

       Dentist: Rinse and spit please.
Grogster, Feb 20 2014


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