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Legal Cheerleaders

Invite cheerleaders to cheer at trials
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The US legal system apparently makes a mockery of justice already, so why not liven it up a bit? Invite cheerleaders for the prosecution and the defense (or both sides if it's a civil matter). These cheerleaders should create appropriate cheers for their side's current stratagem.

"Ready? OK! Who's the guy we need alive? Don't let him testify! Use Amendment number five!"

I forsee more public interest in the legal system. Also it can't hurt to hear Latin in more cheers.

Acme, May 09 2005


       I see Texas is trying to create illegal cheerleaders.
bristolz, May 10 2005

       I've never specified the sex of the cheerleaders. And I suppose Texans can have their cheerleaders without "obscene" dances.
Acme, May 10 2005

       We really need hotdog vendors in those god damn courtrooms. Keep your cheerleaders, I don't need boobs bouncing around everytime the defense calls a witness, or an objection is made. I need hotdogs. And Peanuts. Maybe a few beautiful models naked just standing around, that way during the slow moments you can admire the beauty of the female form.
Blumster, May 10 2005

       Ring card girls, strutting around in high heels and barely-bikinis, holding up a card with the number of times an objection has been sustained or overruled.
normzone, May 10 2005

       I rather like the idea of illegal cheerleaders. Presumably they'd be sneaking around at night, wearing shadow-grey crop-tops and ra-ra skirts. Balaclava hats, too. Trying to avoid being caught in possession of illicit pom-poms with intent to chant...   


       ...I think maybe I should get back to work.
oldmotherchaos, May 10 2005

       Would this be part of the trial half-time show?
hidden truths, May 10 2005


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