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Exploding Gavel

Order! ORDER!! boom
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Judge's gavel (thanks waugsqueke) blows up when struck, and everybody has a good chuckle.
AfroAssault, Oct 19 2000

Much discussion here on the user deletion aspect of HB life http://www.halfbake...27s_20waugsqueke_3f
Appropriately, some of it has been deleted. [waugsqueke, Oct 10 2002]


       I was running on caffeine and no sleep last night, I couldn't remember if it was "gabel" or "gavel"
AfroAssault, Oct 20 2000

       And me
AfroAssault, Oct 21 2000

       What if judge is presiding over case involving Pirates?
thumbwax, Oct 21 2000

       That's the best idea I've ever heard!
AfroAssault, Oct 22 2000

       What a pity, this topic has been completely gutted. Is there a strong reason to maintain the 'I'm in a huff and I'm taking all my toys with me' system?
General Washington, Oct 09 2002

       Yes. The HalfBakery is nothing if not libertarian.
phoenix, Oct 09 2002

       I don't follow. Are you trying to say, 'Language is property'? And doesn't that therefore make the HB principle the traditionally conservative one of 'each man is sovereign in his own property'? Wouldn't libertarians consider such things communal if not exactly free?   

       Or are you saying it would be unjustifiably 'centralizing' to appropriate users' contributions to the HB commonwealth -- smack of coercion, and all that?   

       Either way, I'm not sure I buy it.
General Washington, Oct 09 2002

       Has this been discussed at length elsewhere?
General Washington, Oct 10 2002

       General.. yes, see link. I rather like the effect. AA's response to 'wax's pirates question is serendipituous.
waugsqueke, Oct 10 2002

       thankin you, waugs.
General Washington, Oct 10 2002

       Ah yes, I see (& agree with) the reasoning now. In a nutshell, it's: Get a life.
General Washington, Oct 10 2002

       Here come the Judge.   

       where's Afro when the place resembles quicksand?
po, Apr 19 2003

       Somewhere else, laughing.
snarfyguy, Apr 19 2003

       farewell Afro. come back soon.
po, May 18 2003

unfettered, Sep 16 2009


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