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Kaleidoscope Anaesthetic

Drug-free pain-free Surgery
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A saw on TV once a woman being operated on without anaesthetic. She could turn off her mind or think about something else and not feel pain. Anaesthetic is potentially dangerous and also quite expensive. I beieve that the trance you get in while looking into a Kaleidoscope would be enough to allow surgery to take place on you without you feeling pain. You would lay on the operating table, the surgeon would prepare his instruments, and then the anaesthetist would pass you a Kaleidoscope. Maybe for superficial sugery only a small uninteresting Kaleidoscope would be used. During open heart surgery after an hour or so they might have to quickly slip you a 2nd Kaleidoscope in case the first one was getting boring. Maybe having 'one over each eye' could be reserved for accident victims brought into an emergency ward.
Elitefingerbun, Sep 26 2005


       What a nice and kind thought!
reensure, Sep 26 2005

       hang the expense! I'll try my luck with the anaesthetic.
po, Sep 26 2005


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