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Hug Uber

For me
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I smoke 20 cigarettes every day because that's how many endorphin shots I need every day. The endorphin can come from hugs too. The hugs have to be good, readily available, not by an asshole, not sarcastic etc. incentiveize this with rewards via a hug uber. I will stop smoking.

20 5 minute yogic tantric anonymous hot hugging meditation breaks a day, when I need them, along with a coordinated international marketing campaign that makes me feel like a lonesome rebellious American cowboy every time I sneak out to get a hug.

Merge with Tinder and HonkongBobo.com.

A mobile tactical unit that explores the frontier searching for people with disabilities who are suicidal and need a hug from hongkongbobo.com

It could be the secret government funded research and development subsidiary of hongkongbobo.com

JesusHChrist, Sep 22 2017


       If this idea was just the first paragraph, it would make sense
hippo, Sep 22 2017

       I wonder how far they could take this before it had to be classified as prostitution...   

       Off to google Hongkongbobo.com   

       How's your family doing?
RayfordSteele, Sep 22 2017

       //I smoke 20 cigarettes every day because that's how many endorphin shots I need every day.//   

       I gave up about 40 a day 6 months ago and to be honest not much changed besides the better breathing, the lower monthly budget and the distinct lack of tar smell and ash all over the place. You just need to get used to the side effects like eating everything in sight, an elevated urge to kill annoying people and the resignation that life is utterly pointless now you have time to dwell on it.   

       I would recommend for the first 96 hours while the chemical addition wears off, drinking plenty of coffee and hiding sharp objects.
bigsleep, Sep 22 2017

       cuddle parties at meetup.com replacing tobacco?
beanangel, Sep 23 2017

       I was trying to keep some giving up cigs notes in an HB categroy idea, plenty to look at there.   

       The biggest revelation was that nicotine is not the only addictive substance. In fact it's probably not very relevant after the first week of giving up. What you do need is a good drag of wood tar or plant tar smoke occasionally. A weekly bonfire should be enough.   

       I grew up with real coal/wood fires for heating. You really have to wonder whether there is an amazing endorphin buzz from having a ready fire to cook a mammoth / cattle on, not to mention the security from the heat etc.   

       Living without real fire and smoke is a bit like being naked and vulnerable all the time. People who don't smoke might like to light several matches at the same time, blow them out and see how they feel about the wood smoke.
bigsleep, Sep 24 2017

       So my love of wood smoke and fire is instinctive? Cool!
Voice, Sep 24 2017

       "Flames ... flames ... watch how they caress the surface of the wood ... the graceful curve of the smoke .... the rich, golden- yellow light, like a spring sunset seen through a crystal goblet of chilled Chablis ... the sharp, tingling aroma of pyrolised cellulose ... ahhaha ..... AHAHAHAHAH .... AHHHAAAA ... MUHWHAHA! BURN IT ! BURN IT ALL ! AHAHAHA .... no, nurse, no injection now .... why can't any of you understand...
8th of 7, Sep 24 2017

       I feel like this has already been done. The only difference is the hug coming to you rather than being at a specified and secure location.   

erisian, Sep 26 2017


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