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Keep Your Luggage Safe from Drug Runners

Pack your bags "safely"...
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In reaction to the Corby drug smuggling verdict in Indonesia, concerned travellers (or potential travellers) are engaging in an amount of self-reflection on the possibility of drugs being planted in their luggage.

I say, take a leaf out of the drug smugglers' book! Pack your luggage safely in a condom, swallow it, and travel with the comfort of knowing your bags are safe from those pesky drug runners :)

Achenar, Jun 01 2005


       It seems to me that there is a market for a luggage witnessing service. A trained representative could examine your luggage before you pack, watch you packing and then accompany you to the airport until you hand your luggage over to the airline. Voila! Cast iron alibi.
DrBob, Jun 01 2005

       I'm slightly worried about the practicalities of swallowing enough luggage for a week long holiday:   

       *3-4 pairs of trouser *3-4 shirts *2 jumpers (in case it rains) etc   

       Also, the way back would be intersting:   

       *All above and... *bottle of jam for mother-in-law *games for the kids...
Germanicus, Jun 01 2005

       hahahahahah [+]
contracts, Jun 01 2005

       I think it used to be illegal to import condoms into some countries like Eire, so this could backfire.
coprocephalous, Jun 01 2005

       //I think it used to be illegal to import condoms into some countries like Eire// Are the residents of Eire Catholic by any chance? I think a good way of making sure that people don't go and plant stuff in your bags is go to said airport, then go to a little counter, pay a certain amount, show them the contents of your luggage, as in all of it, they film it on digital camera, you have a ticket that has the number of the video that was taken, and check in your luggage. If you are arrested for drug smuggling, then you can give in your little ticket as evidence that you are innocent, and that the baggage handlers should be questioned.   

       Edit: I am going to bake this here and see how many fishbones I can clock up for doing something similar to Achenar's idea...
froglet, Jun 01 2005


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