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Folding Wheel Luggage

For some level of uneven ground performance
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Putting wheels on luggage is such an obviously useful idea that it's utterly surprising we took so long to do it. I remember the evolution of such suitcases as I was growing up. First there were non-wheeled suitcases, sort of zip-up versions of old steamer trunks. Then, those gained wheels in one corner and a strap on the opposite corner - these didn't work perfectly, they were too unstable and the lack of a long handle meant you had to either be the perfect height, or stoop slightly. Nowadays, the design has crystalized around 2 or 4 wheels set as far apart as possible and a longish telescopic handle.

Modern wheeled luggage performs very well in it's natural environment: the glass-smooth floors of airports etc. However, the small wheels and minimal ground clearance are a real problem when encountering even very slightly rough ground. Recently on a trip to Italy, I found that some old cobblestone surfaces and some sidewalk/pavement surfaces made of a sort of compressed grit combined to wear a hole through the tough nylon on the bottom corner of the luggage between the wheels. This is because low ground clearance would cause the case to bottom out and allow abrasion to do what it does.

The solution, should be that the wheels be mounted on pivoted or sliding extensions. When folded away, the wheels protrude the normal amount and you can wheel around the airport just fine. But, seeing an uneven surface, you can pop the wheels out 2-3cm and the bottom of your case will not suffer an abrasive death. This would also be useful if wheeling the luggage across a wet/puddle strewn surface.

bs0u0155, Aug 30 2021

Cat-Case [xenzag, Aug 30 2021]

Large-wheeled luggage https://www.topspee...ports-ar178242.html
[bs0u0155, Aug 30 2021]

All Terrain Mobile Luggage. https://www.youtube...watch?v=UBL5DHQLzp0
[Skewed, Aug 30 2021]

https://bagsandsuit...rge-wheeled-luggage [xenzag, Aug 30 2021]

Aquaroll Rolling Water Barrel https://www.aquaroll.com/
[bs0u0155, Aug 31 2021]


       Thinking about it, uneven/wet/muddy floors are probably why people thought carrying the luggage was the way to go. The airport floor was the necessary precursor invention to the wheeled luggage.
bs0u0155, Aug 30 2021

       There are suitcases with a pair of large wheels that solve this problem. I also posted an idea for a solution several years ago. Will try to find.
xenzag, Aug 30 2021

       //suitcases with a pair of large wheels//   

       Is this <link> the sort of thing you mean? If anyone feels like donating one, I'm happy to take it.
bs0u0155, Aug 30 2021

       These would be easier to remove than the usual wheels. That would be a good thing, since they could then be removed and discarded, making the luggage lighter and easier to carry.
pocmloc, Aug 30 2021

       //luggage lighter and easier to carry.//   

       My whole wheely carry on is, I'd say, just over a kilo. I can't see how much benefit there would be to removable wheels, a couple of hundred grams at best?
bs0u0155, Aug 30 2021

       Hmm, all terrain mobile luggage huh?   

       SkewGen (a wholly owned subsidiary of Skewed Amalgamated Industries) have been working on something like that <link>   

       Unfortunately it ate the whole research & development team last week.   

       Perhaps you'd like to take over the project?
Skewed, Aug 30 2021

       If we adopted the monster truck model, then we might be able to pack most of the payload inside the wheels themselves.
pertinax, Aug 31 2021

Voice, Aug 31 2021

       // If we adopted the monster truck model, then we might be able to pack most of the payload inside the wheels themselves.//   

       I once saw a picture of a water carrier that consisted of a round tank designed to roll along behind a handle. the tank was the wheel. I see no reason luggage couldn't be designed like that.
Voice, Aug 31 2021

       [Voice]; brilliant! You would probably want several (4 or 5?) internal divisions, each with their own hatch & internal compression straps.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 31 2021

       //a god concept// divine baggage
pocmloc, Aug 31 2021


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