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Lo-Jack Luggage

Don’t lose that luggage
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You check your luggage, you hop on the flight and several hours later you get to your destination, but your bags don’t. If you have Lo-Jack luggage, you call an 800 number and the give them the Lo-Jack number of each bag and they tell you where it is. You tell the airlines luggage desk and maybe they can get them back to you. At least you have a shot.
theGem, Nov 02 2008

something like this, perhaps GPS_20Luggage_20Locator
[FlyingToaster, Nov 02 2008]

Henk luggage http://www.forbes.c.../cz_af_1109hot.html
Forbes: The $20,00 suitcase [theGem, Nov 02 2008]


       I went to a cheap school.
theGem, Nov 02 2008

       Kind of pricy isn't it, $20,000 for a suitcase. For that money you'd have to put it in an American Tourister so someone doesn't steal it, what's in it would be icing on the cake. [link]
theGem, Nov 02 2008

       If you can afford $20,000 for a suitcase, you can afford to charter your own plane, and keep you luggage with you. Which kind of defeats the whole thing, really .....
8th of 7, Nov 02 2008


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