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An alternative.
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The classic game Kerplunk!(tm)...but in space. Now come on, that would be coool. Same idea but for Connect 4 also.
dja, Nov 01 2000

Kerplunk http://www.timewarptoys.com/kerplunk.jpg
egnor: One of these, apparently. A tantalizing game of nerve and something else. [Monkfish, Nov 01 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I wonder what it would be called, since in space there is no sound.
mrthingy, Nov 01 2000

       Gravity Schmavity. Actually i'v always thought about this no sound in space thing. Watching too many sci-fi I noticed that whenever a spaceship/planet/station/galaxy explodes whatever, then theres always a big explosion sound effect. I understand that this is generally artistic license, it would be pretty dull otherwise. Now, and forgive my high school physics, it is my understanding that sound needs a medium to 'move' through. The expanding gases of the explosion would provide this surely? - thus if the gases were to pass (through) you then you would hear it. Obviously the length of time you hear it would depend on your proximity to the explosion and whether you were vaporised whatever.
dja, Nov 03 2000

       I don't believe Kerplunk! is customarily accompanied by gaseous clouds (unless you happen to be playing it with my childhood friend, Jason Kostelecky), so . . . .
mrthingy, Nov 03 2000

       Wouldn't that be 'Kerplop'?
StarChaser, Nov 04 2000

       What is the "classic game Kerplunk!"?
egnor, Jan 21 2001

       A cylinder with a huge number of small holes around the center. Stick long toothpicks through the holes at various angles so they make a platform of sorts, then dump a bunch of marbles on top. Each person pulls out one toothpick at a time, until all the marbles have fallen down. The person with the least number of marbles wins. Monkfish's link shows one disassembled, with the 'in play' illustration on the box. The cylinder has one hole at the bottom, and is turned to each player in turn in the dish with the numbers, so each player's marbles stay in his section.
StarChaser, Jan 21 2001

       How about "Ker !"?
phoenix, Jul 27 2001


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