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LHC scrabble

World's most expensive board game.
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Teams from different countries, who chipped in towards the LHC, get to spell out words using fundamental particles on a scrabble board. Extra points for whoever can get their Higgs Boson onto a triple particle score square.

Polish place names not allowed,

not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2013


       Wouldn't most of the words have to be in Greek?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2013

       //be in Greek?   

       I think you're thinking about the iLiad?   

       How about the old parlour-room favourite, pin the Boson on the donkey, which does need excellent hand to eye co-ordination, and a very patient donkey.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2013

not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2013

       //I think you're thinking about the iLiad?//   

       No - last time I looked, the majority of the fundamental particles had Greek letters.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2013

       300, I win.
skinflaps, Apr 21 2013

       // fundamental particles had Greek letters   

       Well, are you suggesting we name them after animals or something? "No, no, no, the LHC quite clearly shows badgers at 125 GEV, and your assertion that they are earwigs is entirely unfounded."
not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2013

       //badgers and earwigs// Makes as much sense as charm, strange, top, and bottom.
sqeaketh the wheel, Apr 21 2013

       //Do I have to do the Capybaryon joke   

       Cap y baron? Something to do with a welsh baron's titfer?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2013


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