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Ketchup Stand

Good to the last schklarp...
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Ketchup bottles constitute what is probibly the most annoying of barbaque problems... shaking the still-two-inches-left bottle for all your worth, and squeezing it relentlessly for that sweet tomato purree, after which you have to find a flat place somewhere to balence it upsidedown for the next schklarper.

In consideration of the first barbaque-able day, I propose a heavy, round, metal stand, with a ketchup-top-shaped crevice in on the top to keep the bottle upsidedown.

Actually, my picnic table has a hole in the top, meant for a sun umbrella... That would work.

catch23, Mar 03 2004

Ketchup Coupler http://kemco.home.mindspring.com/
The answer to your dilemma. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]


       //ketchup//...//sweet tomato puree//...   

       Don't know where you buy your ketchup, but the stuff you get here hasn't been within 500 yards of a real tomato.
suctionpad, Mar 03 2004

       I hope they remember to screw on the cap after use.
FarmerJohn, Mar 04 2004

       Your ketchup goes schklarp? That's strange, because mine goes thpupt when it is being dispensed from a plastic squeeze bottle. Actually, I find it helps to rest the bottle on its side once the critical leak level has been reached. I've also found a nice long kitchen knife that kind of looks like a spatula that I use to reach the crimson delight.   

       [suctionpad} what is your ketchup made from, then? And how do they get away with calling it tomato ketchup?   

       [FJ] I'm leaving that one alone.
Canuck, Mar 04 2004

       Why not use a pump, like those economy-sized hand soaps?
Linuxthess, Aug 30 2004


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