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My Soup Is In That Fly

A special serving pouch
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You are probalby familiar with those sealable plastic "freezer bags", and you know they come in different sizes. If you took one and partly filled it with liquid, the sides of the bag would bulge outward significantly, while the closure for the bag was above the liquid.

With that description in mind, imagine a pouch designed from the start to be shaped like that bulging liquid-filled freezer bag. That way it can always be placed upright, completely stable, with the closure at the top, even when empty. The plastic material of this pouch is much heavier-duty than tha bag, and it can even be a thermal insulator.

The purpose of this pouch is to be a serving container for soup. The closure at the top should be zipper-like, so that it can be very easily opened or closed. In the kitchen, it can be filled with hot soup, and then the zipper is closed. The insulating walls of the pouch will keep the soup hot even if the distance is significant, between the kitchen and the dining table. And, of course, the pouch can be cleaned and re-used.

Now imagine "hot-dog soup" --that's why the correct name for this special zippered serving pouch is "a fly".

Vernon, Sep 03 2011

One of these shapes, http://en.wikipedia...ki/G%C3%B6mb%C3%B6c
"They", The preverbial "they" searched so long for one of these "they" thought this was the only one. [4whom, Sep 05 2011]


       I was suprised to find that "hot-dog soup" actually exists.   

skinflaps, Sep 03 2011

       When I read the title I imagined a soup pouch designed to be kept in the crotch of one's trousers (thereby keeping the soup nice and warm) and accessible by unzipping one's fly.   

       Bun for the twisted thought. [+]
Grogster, Sep 03 2011

       Not a soup bowl shaped like a musca domestica, then...
RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2011

       This is, not... right.   

       [+] the idea, and [RS]'s... not so much Grogster's.
FlyingToaster, Sep 03 2011

       Gömböc, say no more, say no more...
4whom, Sep 05 2011

       My soup is in my fly.

And on my pants, and on the seat, and on the floor...

Waiter! Mop!
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 05 2011

       "Did Brundle absorb or digest the fly and hotdog?"   

       "Brundle, fly, and hotdog have been genetically and molecularly combined..."
RayfordSteele, Sep 06 2011


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