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Platinum PEZ Dispensers

The Rolex of PEZ Dispensers
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A platinum pfefferminz candy dispenser for that jetset life of yours.
spiraliii, Mar 06 2007

pump it here: http://most-expensive.net/
[nuclear hobo, Mar 06 2007]


       I don't like Pezzes. And wooden (or bamboo) dispensers would be a far more sustainable material for fashioning personal sweet dispensers for use in a playground environment.
zen_tom, Mar 06 2007

       Not an invention, actually. But if it dispensed candy at a lethal velocity, you'd get my vote.
ldischler, Mar 06 2007

       powder load and primer behind every sugary projectile share one with osama
the dog's breakfast, Mar 06 2007

       Sugary projectile ? That's got my vote !
batou, Mar 06 2007

       [+] The perfect gift for the one who has *everything*, especially if diamond encrusted.
nuclear hobo, Mar 06 2007


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