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Reusable doggie bags
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A few of my favorite eating establishments still use styrofoam take-out boxes, and even the recycled cardboard/paper ones end up in the landfill.

Pupperware would be a line of durable, plastic, dishwasher-safe versions of common take-out container varieties. The initial set would include clamshell, clamshell-with-division-for-gooey-stuff, chinese-take-out-box, bag, and cup.

nick_n_uit, Mar 23 2007


       [nick], would you really use these? You'd have to carry them into the restaurant. Cool idea name, though.
Zimmy, Mar 23 2007

       What's keeping you from bringing a tupperware container with you? Or do you suppose that giving away a more substantial container would somehow solve the waste issue?
ye_river_xiv, Mar 18 2009

       will the containers be shaped like small dogs?   

       could the containers be food specific shapes? if you were eating chicken its shaped like a chicked, if you were eating snake it could be shaped like a snake and so on......   

       why should they be made of plastic? and not glass or leather. You could bring home your leftover hamburger in a leather satchel shaped like a cow!   

       I would love to store leftover bacon or a spiral ham in a pig shaped container kind of like an Egyptian sarcophagus. When did we lose that I want my coffin to be shaped like me.
vfrackis, Mar 18 2009

       meh, I thought this was going to be dog-poo shaped tupperware... hmm
FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2009


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