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Kick yourself

Me and my shaaaadow
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This is a pair of fully articulated mannequin legs and hips, attached to your own legs and hips behind you by equal-length pivoted rods at all points of articulation (the knees, the ankles, the hips), following behind you everywhere you walk, mimicking your every movement.

You can't sit down while wearing them, but you can kick yourself in the ass as hard as you wish.

globaltourniquet, Feb 06 2008

Not just behind, but in front also http://www.youtube....loU&feature=related
[MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2008]

Seated version http://www.freshpat...hp?type=description
Quote: "[0035] The thirteenth objective is to advance the art and expand the science of butt-kicking technologies." [lurch, Feb 07 2008]

Standing version http://www.roadside..._AttractionNo==3328
well, you need to bend over to grab the crank [lurch, Feb 07 2008]


       could I kick MB or someone else?
po, Feb 06 2008

       Depending on where they are standing relative to your position, ms. po, if you wear these, you could possibly kick MB _and_ someone else.
globaltourniquet, Feb 06 2008

       Extremely baked. See link. And [P]o, I am not rising to that. And [P]o that was not a double entendre so stop sniggering.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2008


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