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Parrot Bubble

sound proof bubble for vociferous parrots
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You love your parrot but hate his 6:30am screaming fits. Keep him in a soundproof parrot bubble until you're ready to start the day. Great for dinner parties too when the parrot feels neglected because of the onslaught of dinner guests.
cuir, Jul 26 2001


       Damn. I thought it was going to be a device to take your parrot diving. A croissant on its way to your parrot in the hope that the device can be adapted to budgies.
st3f, Jul 26 2001

       Don't parrots (and other caged pet birds) go to sleep if you put a tablecloth over the cage?
angel, Jul 26 2001

       Don't even believe this person. We all know parrots don't exist. I'm sure those movies we see have really good special effects and they look real, and of course we all wish they were but the fact remains that parrots live only in your imagination and in Hollywood.
talamunda, Jul 27 2001

       [Steve DeGroof] That's not a vernonotation. You didn't include a schematic or theory of operation.
phoenix, Jul 27 2001

       I want to hear more about the parrot market being drastically overinflated.
Monkfish, Jul 27 2001

       Sound doesn't travel in a vacuum, why not try this on noisy parrots?
yunohu, Jul 31 2001

       Hey! Don't do that! I tried it and messed up my vacuum.
phoenix, Jul 31 2001

       Or put it in a beaker?
Actually, one sure fire way to quiet a bird, is to shake the cage like a crazed monkey and yell "Sing a song for me pretty bird!" Worked for me - no sound out of Ex - Mother -In -Laws bird for weeks. Come to think of it, no sound out of E - M - I - L for weeks either. I guess she figured it out since there were seeds scattered over the floor we missed while cleaning up as we heard her car coming up the rocky driveway. But still, Silence was Golden regardless of which one shut their squawker.
thumbwax, Aug 01 2001

       Interesting responses...   

       Someone hit the nail on the head when they mentioned the screaming was a flock instinct. I love my parrot and wouldn't think of doing anything as cruel as muzzling him or shaking his cage...but there are moments I would give just about anything for a bit of silence at home.   

       Anyone who has had a large parrot understands the unnerving effect of it's screeching - it can be heard down to the end of the block on a good day. Thankfully my neighbors think it gives the area a 'jungle-like' feel. I'm praying they never move...
cuir, Aug 01 2001

       cockatoo actually...they're pretty close to one another on the ability to make one's ears bleed
cuir, Aug 01 2001

       5 year old umbrella 'too. Smart as any parrot I've ever met with the beak ability to disessemble macaw grade wrought iron cages. The lil boy should be thankful I adore him as much as I do. <g>   

       This might be another idea for the site...an affordable cage that is beak-resistant. Plexi <sp?> has been suggested but it's not suitable for climbing or air circulation.
cuir, Aug 01 2001

       er...thats really twisted.   

       ::prays you're kidding::
cuir, Aug 01 2001

       oh yes, I do remember that one now. One of my dad's favorites. When i first read it I had visions of this lil bird brought into the vet's office I used to work for. His mom had him on her shoulder while making dinner when she realized he was missing. Poor lil conure spent the better part of dinner time in the freezer cuddling up to the frozen peas. Luckilly besides some freezer burned toes he made it out ok.
cuir, Aug 02 2001

       Re noises being an attention getting device...From the newsgroup 'alt.fan.cecil-adams':   

       A friend works in an office where there is a parrot. The parrot has discovered that it can make all the humans in the room do the Macarena simply by making the noise of a Nextel phone, which all of them carry. It does this often.   

       After it rings a few times, it'll answer itself. "Hello!"   

       I think this is incredibly cool.   

StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       Two croissants for this one. Friend of mine does parrot rescue and has about 20 parrot-type birds (cockatoos, cockatiels, budgies, macaws, etc.) It's literally a zoo. ;) Let's say it's quiet for about a minute. The doorbell rings. One says "Come in!" Another says "Go away!" The ones that can't talk just squawk. Pretty soon you're deaf.
arghblah, Feb 01 2002


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