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Onfencive - anti bark sprinkler

Keeps dog away from fence and gate, and may even train it not to bark
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When the mailman passes or the neighbors kids, the dog starts barking and running at the fence or at the gate.

If you're a dog owner that doesn't like that, order the Onfencive sprinkler system.

The simple version detects the barks and starts up with the typical sound of a sprinkling system. After a few times, the dog will avoid jumping on the gate. Especially if the water is tinged with a nice sweet smell.

Then higher-end version has several extra features:

* Detects the location of the barks and only sprinkles the area where the dog is in, and only when it's barking.

* Can detect the barking dog's location and spray it anywhere in the yard while it's barking.

* Can have an audio message connected to its operation, with a message in the owner's own voice.

* Can work without water and only with sound simulating the spraying sound in the dog's ears.

This is different from the scarecrow system (see link) in that it's specific for fences or gates and barking dogs.

It is also different from the anti-pet-sprinkler idea because we aren't saving furniture, but rather preventing the scary barking and gate/fence attack show whenever unsuspecting bypassers walk past your house.

pashute, Feb 17 2016

Anti Pet Sprinkler SmartyPants' idea [pashute, Feb 17 2016]

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As the name suggests, very fond of water... [8th of 7, Feb 17 2016]


       What if your dog is a Spaniel, particularly a Water Spaniel ?
8th of 7, Feb 17 2016

       If it's a spaniel, it cannot be trained anyway, so it falls outside the remit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2016

       My neighbor had exactly this to prevent dogs from pooping his lawn. It was a motion sensor like one might have on security lights, attached to a sprinkler. Anything walked on that lawn and the sprinkler started up. That would be easy to do with the fence.   

       Or the Barkshock hybrid: a shock collar as one uses with an invisible fence together with an audible trigger, possibly on the collar itself. But if some other dog comes up and barks thru the fence at the dog wearing a Barkshock collar, the visiting dog will find his barks unusually potent.
bungston, Feb 18 2016

       Lee Valley used to sell such a motion-activated sprinkler to keep deer from eating one's garden. But it didn't detect sound, aim at the animal, play an audio message, or mount on a fence.
notexactly, Feb 20 2016


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