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Kitten foot massage

Back massage utilizing the feet of playful kittens
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A massage at a spa that consists of a long box playpen for kittens with a rubberized floor. This box would be suspended on four adjustable legs above a bed for a person to lie on. The general idea would be that the rubberized floor would also be making contact with the back of the person lying on the table. Imagine a large box suspened on four adjustable legs above a cushion for someone to lie on. When someone orders the massage, they will lie down on the coushin on thier stomach. The the kitten playpen will be lowered on its adjustable legs until its rubberized floor conforms to the persons back. Then a large number of energetic kittens will be placed in the playpen and will run around for the period that the massage lasts. The effect will be that the kittens will massage the person's back with thier playful little feet. The indivdual will be able to enjoy the kittens' frisky little antics via a system of mirrors that will allow them to watch the playpen while lying on thier stomach.
RiptWaif, Jan 17 2004


       If the rubber floor is thin enough to transmit any sort of useful foot action, it will be thin enough to be punctured by kitten claws.
waugsqueke, Jan 17 2004

       Every now and then you'd get that one lazy/sleepy kitten that makes one small spot on your back all sweaty ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 17 2004

       I don't know it would work well with a box full of kittens, but one well-trained cat can be very pleasant.
supercat, Jan 17 2004

       mmmm, supercat!
po, Jan 17 2004

       Magnificent. +
hazel, Jan 17 2004

       course, the problem (or maybe charm) with cats/kittens is that they just won't do anything you want, unless it happens to fit in with their curious plans for the day. Lovely idea
jonthegeologist, Jan 17 2004

       Nice one, Waif. The rubberized floor should take care of the problem in the first anno.
krelnik, Jan 17 2004

       I looked at the title of this idea and thought... "Well, why the hell should kittens have their feet massaged? What's so tiring about _their_ day?"
Cedar Park, Jan 18 2004

       if only the kittens were to go running around on the persons back what would you do with the full grown cats and if the rubber layer was coveringone of those pin things with the round pinends (you know the ones that you can spend those oh so amusing hours pulling faces in) then surely that would solve the problem of puncturinb the ruber
slarti, Jan 18 2004

Voice, Jan 20 2019


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