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Laser Brolly

No, not *that* kind of laser
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A display using an umbrella as a screen... imagine walking down the dull, dreary, rain-soaked street; grey skies and sheeting rain... press a button and a pretty red flower starts glowing through your umbrella. Cheap pick-me-up
FlyingToaster, Jan 03 2008

internet umbrella http://www.pileus.net/
take pictures in the rain while you're having your pick-me-up, i don't know if it will be cheap with this type of umbrella though. [pyggy potamus, Jan 03 2008]

My idea I thought of a while ago, that I just posted, prompted by this. SunBrella
Rather similar. If you think mine's too similar, let me know and I'll knock it on the head, or make it an annotation. [Custardguts, Jan 03 2008]




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