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Laser Clothes

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Lasers could project the image of "clothes" on our bodies. This would provide several distinct advantages: no money needs to be spent on clothes, the clothes will not get damaged, no food spilled on them, you can look like what you want, more original designes, can change what you are wearing more often, more clothes to wear...etc.

They could also keep you warm in the winter if you use the correct strength of laser (without toasting yourself)

eddidaz, Apr 12 2002

Personal Hologram Generator http://www.halfbake...ologram_20Generator
Same idea, different intent. [phoenix, Apr 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       //Lasers could project the image of "clothes" on our bodies.

mcscotland, Apr 12 2002

       [eddidaz] Welcome. You might find it helpful to read the 'help' section before posting more ideas.
stupop, Apr 12 2002

       What lasers, where?
waugsqueke, Apr 12 2002

       ok well here goes.   

       If you have heard of ideas for a "stealth suit" i.e. makes the user "invisible" by projecting an image onto the subject of its background. Well the same method for the projection could be used, only using lasers.   

       Wearing a belt with a laser projection unit (?) on it or several around the body. These little units may also be placed on the toe of a shoe or peak of a cap.
eddidaz, Apr 12 2002

       Umm just a thought. Surely 'prohecting' your clothes onto yourself will present risks slightly larger than spilling things onto reall clothes? "Oh dear! I appear to have just spilled my scalding hot cup of coffee all over the non-existent groin of my projected trousers......."
kaz, Apr 12 2002

       [eddidaz] You say no money will have to be spent on clothes. Everything costs money. And I don't know, but if I wanted to go out and buy a laser projected suit I think it would cost a little more than a normal one.   

       ...what if the laser's "batteries" run out?
DonutBox, Apr 12 2002

       ...or the spaghetti sauce falls onto the lasers?
beauxeault, Apr 12 2002

       the lasers will zap the hot food, destroying it. Hot drinks will be zapped also into evaporation.
eddidaz, Apr 13 2002

       But they wouldn't burn the wearer? If you want both of these things eddidaz, then these lasers become somewhat magical, no?
mcscotland, Apr 13 2002

       Maybe the idea could be resurrected as 'laser jewelry' instead. I think I understand where he's going with some sort of holographic system, but the idea as is needs some refinement.
RayfordSteele, Apr 15 2002

       There's no way you could projec tthe image of, say, a kilt onto the normal human body: there's no body there in places you need image.   

       I am also having unpleasant visions of the looming, moving shadows caused by people's wobbly bits.   

       If we all wore shiny union suits, we could be different superheroes at a Moment's Notice.
hello_c, Apr 17 2002

       What if bits start poking through the illusion of clothing?
dare99, Apr 17 2002

       That's the appeal.
Madcat, Feb 19 2004

       Yeah. When someone gets a stiffie.   

Earthborne, Dec 25 2004

       Depends on who a'pealed.
bristolz, Dec 25 2004

       You don't mean lasers (well you do but lasers don't work the way you think they do), but the intent of the idea is a valid one.
5th Earth, Dec 25 2004


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