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Knitting Beetles

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Get as many large beetles as you can find and attach small threads of wool to each of their backs. Place these Beetles into the knitting bucket with a lid and allow them to twist and dart about - shaking the container every hour or so to promote activity.

When the bugs have died, you will find a most interesting piece of clothing inside the bucket. Depending on their movements, they may have made you something resembling a mitten, or perhaps a unique cold weather poncho that you can slip over your head and wear to a party. Leave the bugs on the ends of the threads to create an eye catching ornamental effect that undulates in the breeze.

benfrost, Jan 29 2005

Maze Mice Make Macramé Maze_20Mice_20Make_20Macram_e9
with mice [FarmerJohn, Jan 29 2005]

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       mitten +
cuckoointherye, Jan 29 2005

       What if the bugs weren't really dead, just resting? Bring a can of RAID with you to the party, just in case.   

       Or use caterpillers instead of beetles. Your "poncho" will have a fringe of cocoons. When your poncho suddenly lifts into the sky, you know the butterflies have hatched.
robinism, Jan 29 2005


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