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Know it all

Inverse Truman Show
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An actor/comedian is decked out with many cameras, GPS, microphones, earpiece etc. He is placed in various intellectual/comedic/lovelife situations where he would not normally be able to achieve. His/her data is fed to a team of experts that try and report back in real time via earpiece and try to get him to achieve in these various situations.

Like challenging a scientist at a conference.

Picking up a model.

Debating a politician.

leinypoo13, Mar 05 2008

Game Show In My Head http://en.wikipedia...ame_Show_in_My_Head
[leinypoo13, Jan 26 2009]

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       Sounds like all those films where some comedian is mistaken for a spy/dipomat/etc., Innerspace, for example. Could be fun to do it for real.   

       But I'd suggest following the full reality TV model, recruit Joe Public as the character, and just put an earpiece on them, with the cameras, etc., secreted elsewhere.
DrCurry, Mar 05 2008

       Of course, the models and politicians were just actors, too. And the whole thing is opened right up at the very end, leaving the Know It All with a very palatable sense of just having been punk'd. It would be funny too, to include really obviously horrible statements that the actor relays to the model (read: "I think you look fat in that dress") which she responds to as if she'd been swooned by Don Juan. How far can we go before the guy figures out it's all a scam?
daseva, Mar 05 2008

Tangent: telling her she looks fat might work for some. Lowering the self-esteem of one's prey is one way of making oneself look more dominant, and is in fact suggested (jargon: "Neg") by some particularly virulent forms of pick-up artistry.
jutta, Mar 05 2008

       A show about a con artist. I would watch. Finding a really good one who wanted to go legit should be easy. So easy that it may be baked in a U-Tube sort of way.
WcW, Mar 05 2008

       Casting call 4 days after post? Hmmmm.... Which one of you is Ashton Kutcher?
leinypoo13, Jan 26 2009


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