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Let's Make A (Faustian) Deal

Temptation Meets Entertainment (or has that been done before?)
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Potential candidates are selected in auditions based upon particularly selfless/selfish anecdotes they can remember. They are told that the most interesing will win a small cash prize. This is true but it isn't the end of the story.

They are then followed by hidden cameras for a period of time to see how the money is spent. After this time has passed, they will be told about the gameshow and how the results have played out.

For the selfish recipients, should they have spent the money on themselves, they will have fulfilled their expectations and have filled thie role in the grand scheme of things. They will have their cash prize doubled. Should they spend it selflessly however, they will be taking steps to redemption for their selfish ways and will have the money increased five-fold.

For the selfless recipients, should they spend the money selfishly they will told that money has corrupted them and will receive no extra money. If they were to have spent it selflessly they will have the money doubled and would be instructed to spend it upon themselves.

I think it would be interseting to see how the mighty would fall, and whether this show could reform people's characters.

hidden truths, Jul 20 2005


       I wonder how many people have won the lottery and walked forthwith into their church to kneel at a pew?   

       Sorry, I couldn't resist. Something's been bothering me.
reensure, Jul 20 2005

       There is a guy who won millions on the UK lottery and has since terrorised his estate by having wild parties, Speeding in his new car(s) and trashing local shops.. He has since got a 5 year jail sentence!!!
Minimal, Jul 21 2005

       Unless we were dealing with Mother Teresa style people, I wouldn't expect many people would give away all the money, The test would be to see if they used any reasonable percentage selflessly.   

       [UB] that sounded so much like a country western song that I just googled it to make sure that it wasn't.
hidden truths, Jul 21 2005

       [hidden truths] You could call the game 'Hidden Truths'...   

       Nah, I'm kidding.
froglet, Jul 21 2005


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