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Reality TV meet Mission Impossible

People think they are killers spys- or not?
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The basic idea of the show is mix joe millionarie/15 seconds/mission impossible-- kinda. The idea is a reality show about professional criminals. All of the cast members are actors and they break into building, steal diamonds, kill people, etc. Typical movie stuff. Except all the filming is with hidden cameras. Then the producers find some schmuck from the real world who thinks he is a tough guy and they find a way to "induct" him into the gang. Except he actually thinks its real. So the story would track this guys "fall from grace" from being inducted (and conned into believing this is a real elite group of criminals), to breakins in real buildings... until finally he is forced to like take someones life (or so he thinks)... You pretty much present this guy with a ton of ethical delimmas and see what he does. The fun thing about the show is that you get this slick produced james bondesqe / gadgety / mission impossible vibe... with a psychological element... and there is this element of reality because this guy actually thinks that he is the real tom cruise or something. I mean who hasn't dreamed of being a spy/criminal at some point in their life? Oh, and of course you would need some charlize theron-type cast member with a penchant for ass chaps.
johnmac, Oct 22 2005


       As long as it doesn't get out of hand.
dbmag9, Oct 22 2005

       This annotation will self-destruct in 10 seconds.
RayfordSteele, Oct 22 2005

       Are there any other kinds of chaps?
jutta, Oct 22 2005

       I don't know what an ass chap is, so I can't comment whether or not I, or anyone else might have a penchant for one.   

       Anyone who might be interested in the ethical/moral dilemmas thrown up by the show would find it so morally reprehensible itself that they'd refuse to watch it, leaving you with an audience of gadgetheads, couch potato wannabe Bonds and Charize Theron fans - oh wait a minute, it would be just like any other TV show then.   

       Reality TV sucks, it's cheap, it's nasty, it's boring, it's the epitome of cynicism (con your audience into watching people who were conned into performing, and sell advertising space to pad out the boring bits), but at least it's not "Wildest Police Chases - with Sheriff John Burnell".   

       Anyway, automatic bone for trying to keep alive the sickening cultural infection that is Reality TV.
zen_tom, Oct 22 2005

       I like this idea, except it should be with politicians, and the schmuck from the real world is tricked into thinking he is King of America, and made to order exceutions, devise a new alphabet, givre press conferences, parade around in the Kingly Robes (really just ass chaps) etc. Then the hilarious thing is that he is told that he is not really King, and he is all sad, and they think everyone will mock him, but the audience loves him so much that they revolt and make him King! Who's laughing now? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW???
bungston, Oct 23 2005

       <small voice in the back of the room>I am.</svitbotr>
dbmag9, Oct 25 2005


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