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Paranoia Man

Are we screwing with you? Yes.
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A show in which we follow the exploits of some random person over the next few weeks...without them knowing it.

At first it's just secretly filming them, following them around, all day, every day. As they begin to suspect something...

...the weird shit begins.

You know, like how we set up their new job, their new partner, their new apartment and suddenly take them away the very next day, without a trace?

Or how about dumping them in the middle of a foreign country in the middle of the night?

And we can't go without fabricating a criminal record and turning them over to the authorities, can we?

And to make it even more harrowing, they NEVER, EVER find out why the hell this is happening.

And no, they don't win anything.

mrkillboy, Aug 25 2000


       I Was Drugged And Left For Dead In Mexico And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.

In other words, your idea sounds like "The Game," but televised and the player doesn't know he's playing.
centauri, Aug 25 2000

       "And no, they don't win anything."   

       Until the IIED suit.
bookworm, Aug 25 2000

       i'll watch this!!!...like candid camera produced by satan himself
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001

       reminds me of the Truman Show
po, Oct 31 2001


       Slick idea, but impractical. I'd like to think my family would let me in on the secret...   

       Right, mom. Mom?
phoenix, Oct 31 2001


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