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Koko Spray

Spray-on frosting in a can
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Have a can, not dissimilar to a shaving cream can, with a double canister, each side filled with chocolate (or other flavor, I just like chocolate) frosting. One side would be thick and creamy, and the other side would be a quick-hardening glaze. You could probably have more compartments too . .and different flavors.
Admiral_Raddikatatt, Apr 26 2001


       I'm missing something. What's "Koko"?
egnor, Apr 26 2001

       Koko the famous sign-language gorilla? Choco? Admiral, where do ye hail from--is this a local thing?
Dog Ed, Apr 26 2001

       Koko spray - as in a cheesy name for Cocoa. Like "kool" or "kyoot".
Admiral_Raddikatatt, Apr 26 2001

       Of course!   

       Mmmmmm.... Koko!
Dog Ed, Apr 26 2001

       I thought it might be Kokomo "Milk Cow Blues" Arnold in a can
thumbwax, Apr 27 2001

       Finally another excuse for my friends and I to make a mess in the parlour! This tasty treat would be a welcome change to the shaving cream wars we're used to!!!
KittySama, Mar 20 2003

       They have this already. My mother uses this all the time when she bakes a cake. Speaking of baked, this idea is.
DesertFox, May 06 2004


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